SmaBoi: NYC Producer, Lyricist and DJ

Since 2001, SmaBoi has been creating and releasing music of all kinds: Rap, EDM, Funk, Soul, Trance, Trap, Riddim, Classical, ElectroSwing, Rock, Nerdcore Hiphop and everything in between… however, he’s only been creating releases under the moniker “SmaBoi” since 2016. Coinciding with the launch of his indie record label, llnnll records, SmaBoi re-branded and put together a great team of producers, artists, audio engineers, lighting techs, marketing gurus and supply chain to build an amazing, artist-first label.

SmaBoi believes in supporting causes with his music. His latest album, S.M.A.B.O.I., supports suicide prevention and literacy advocacy. 100% of proceeds — sales and streaming — from Track 4, Books, will be donated to literacy advocacy groups, along with 10% of album sales. 100% of proceeds from Track 5, Onward and Upward, and 10% of album sales, will be donated to suicide prevention and depression support charities.

In addition to running llnnll records, SmaBoi is also the Executive Producer for Saints’ Temple Studios in Norwalk, Connecticut, providing recording, mixdown, mastering and production services to artists both affiliated with the label, and outside. When he isn’t touring the country doing music festivals and concerts, and collaborating with virtually every decent artist who asks, he’s spending time with his family and building world-class apps and websites.

Here’s where you can find him, all over the web: