Man Versus Machine: Track 2, SmaBoi Freshman LP

Man Versus Machine: Track 2, SmaBoi Freshman LP

Man Versus Machine is track two on my Freshman LP, S.M.A.B.O.I..

With this track, I decided to do something totally different. The backing track is built entirely from human beatboxing sounds, looped in interesting ways. I hope you love what you hear!

Enjoy this Indie Hiphop (Conscious Rap)!

Lyrics for Man Versus Machine

Track Two, S.M.A.B.O.I. LP


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Who is SmaBoi? Why haven’t I heard of this indie rapper?

I write various political rhymes and tracks filled with conscious rap, using superhuman syncopation to bring the station of the nation out of altercations and into illumination.

I enjoy beatboxing and live-looping human sounds, especially at music festivals. My technique blends genres, including ghetto funk, soul, rap, jazz, blues, disco, and traditional EDM / mainroom / dubstep / drum ‘n bass sounds, mixed in with my hiphop, to create a unique flavor.

If I had to sum up my genre of music in one word, it would be Tribalcore (and that’s why it’s the title of my next album, coming later this year in 2019!)

I’m taking indie rap, nerdcore hiphop, and activist music to a whole new level, and I want you to come along for the ride with me. Make sure to sign up for the mailing list while you’re here!

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SmaBoi is the original founder of llnnll records and Saints’ Temple Studios. He has been producing music since 2002, but started releasing music as SmaBoi in 2016. Based out of Norwalk CT, his musical style blends concepts from many genres: EDM, Hiphop, Electronica, Glitch, Trap, Funk, Soul, Jazz and his unique abilities for superhuman syncopation.