Anatomically Incorrect EP Volume 1: Pre-release for fans tomorrow; free track (“Hand to Mouth”) available now!

Well, this is probably the absolute WORST time possible for this to be happening with the new album getting released this week, but the web server has come under attack today and it’s causing things to run a bit slower. Thankfully, wrangling web servers is like… the easiest part of my day job. =)

I’ll be migrating this site over to a cluster of high-availability servers with aggressive caching this week, making it easier for people to interact with it… and I’ll also be implementing some much more aggressive protections against hackers, spammers and other types of attacks. Guess this is the price that comes with exposure!

I’m super excited to share with you this preview of the album coming out this week, and I also have some AWESOME news: from tomorrow through Friday (the official launch date of the album), I’m giving away the whole EP for free to fans! Please check back tomorrow for another post with a free download code, which will be usable through Friday, 4/8.


SmaBoi is the original founder of llnnll records and Saints’ Temple Studios. He has been producing music since 2002, but started releasing music as SmaBoi in 2016. Based out of Norwalk CT, his musical style blends concepts from many genres: EDM, Hiphop, Electronica, Glitch, Trap, Funk, Soul, Jazz and his unique abilities for superhuman syncopation.

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