Everything Wrong with the 70s

I have no idea what this is. Last thing I remember is blacking out. The best I can figure is, in hopes of celebrating the release of my terrible website, I made you a terrible song, and it was so bad I had a stroke. Either that, or I hit my head on something hard, probably repeatedly… either way, when I came to, I found this Stanley Kubrick / Pink Floyd lovechild sitting here.

I promise you, I’m at least as confused and disappointed by it as you are. I admonish anyone with masochistic predilections to disabuse themselves of the notion that this content will not make your ears bleed and your sternum ache.


SmaBoi is the original founder of llnnll records and Saints’ Temple Studios. He has been producing music since 2002, but started releasing music as SmaBoi in 2016. Based out of Norwalk CT, his musical style blends concepts from many genres: EDM, Hiphop, Electronica, Glitch, Trap, Funk, Soul, Jazz and his unique abilities for superhuman syncopation.

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